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The Violet May @ Frog and Parrot, 26 of February

(stream – ‘TV (demo version’)


After almost three months of well-deserved holidays (and some serious bouts of recording), The Violet May play a quick gig at the Frog & Parrot, that cozy pub in Division Street.

While road-testing some newer songs, the band also played some of their strongest, hardest songs. ‘Bright or better’, their first single, is always a cracker and it was nice to listen again to ‘Queen teen’ (which you can get for free in demo version in our mix cd) in its newest version, with an intro that lets drummer Alan have some fun.

It was pretty funny seeing quite a few of raised eyebrows by the people at the pub. Not the sort of music they would expect in a very sunny February lunch hour, but they seemed to enjoyed it. A couple of people did move away from the front row, with Chris McClure (vocals, microphone stand callistenics) calling it a “wise decision”. My shin concurs.

New songs sound pretty promising, including the newer version of ‘TV’, sung by guitarist John. The song is a very slow groove, mostly bass driven, and it’s probably one of the slower numbers in their repertoire, but by no means a boring one.

Another pretty cool number is ‘What you say’, one of the new songs (which you can download free), sporting another great bass line by Dan and a sweet solo by Mr. Jono How.

It was a short show and you could see quite a few fellow Sheffield musicians there, lending their support (strength in numbers – yes!). So, in closing,  ‘Jennifer Lies’ was as manic as ever and the candelabra was unscathed.


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