Interview – Dennis Hopper Choppers

Source : Dennis Hopper Choppers Facebook.

Where were you when the nameless stranger in a black guayabera shirt came into town and saved us from the rustlers? Where where you when he rode into the horizon, his silhouette vanishing into the horizon like a Fata Morgana?

Maybe you were drinking some pozol, maybe you were worried about that aces & eights hand you were dealt. Whatever happened, we found that lonesome stranger with the gravelly voice and the cinematic music. His name is Ben Nicholls, but prefers Dennis Hopper Choppers.

 The rough and tough exterior was only one layer of his personality. We wanted to find out more after thoroughly loving his gospel (review) and wondering about that girl that walked out of town… Continue reading “Interview – Dennis Hopper Choppers”

Paving Stones – obLONG

obLONG are a hard working and hard rocking band in Sheffield, doing an all out punchy take on rock while still having a sound of their own. Hugh Ruiz‘s driven bass is paired with Steve Genn‘s guitar licks (and his energetic strange presence). Add to this mix the powerful voice of Tracy Deakins and some very jazzy drumming by Tom Didlock and you’ve got a … Continue reading Paving Stones – obLONG

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