Retribution Gospel Choir – The Revolution

Stream – Maharisha

What? Where? This one came outta nowhere and it’s only ten minutes long. Ten minutes of glorious rock attitude from the three gentlemen from Low, with a cranked up distortion, a stomping bass and a drumkit sounding like a behemoth. Yes, Retribution Gospel Choir are back to lift you from those low moods with The RevolutionOh, and it’s free!

If you’ve ever seen Retribution Gospel Choir (and I have), you know they are a very solid show and, yes, as mentioned before, it’s only ten minutes, but they are very well spent.

The cover might give you an indication of the sound of the EP: loud, short and ever-so-sunny. ‘Feel it’ barely clocks 2 minutes, but it’s the catchy, poppy hook to get you started. Both the  ‘The Stone (Revolution!)’ and ‘Maharisha’ seem to be focusing on the peppier side of Retribution Gospel Choir, the one we got to know heavily in songs from like ‘Workin’ hard’ and ‘Give it away’.

Indeed, whereas Retribution Gospel Choir was gloomy and was a deft mixture of stark psychedelia and straight out Rock, The Revolution is very upbeat. There’s no lengthy guitar solos (miss ’em), just a very enjoyable serving of proper rock. This is very true of the last track, ‘I’m a man’, where the band has a lot of fun with a thundering intro, a mild, introspective mid-section and a heckuva build-up for an ending.

Well, our snowgeddon 2012 didn’t happen, it’s the end of February and the sun is shining again. Crank up these 10 minutes of pure, unadultared rock (seriously, ‘I’m a man’ rocks!) and praise the blessed music of Retribution Gospel Choir. 

Download here (only ’cause we can’t embed the widget)

Words: Sam J. Valdes Lopez

Retribution Gospel Choir Website. Twitter. FacebookMyspace.

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