Jairus – Streams over Sad Parades

Anger pervades through the 4 tracks of this lil’ EP called Streams over sad parades by Jairus. A trippy astral projection of 13 minutes is what the band offers, veering from subdued singing to some well placed scream & distorted chord combinations.

‘Chupacabra’ is announced by a constant drumroll that lets the screaming know it’s time to engage the enemies. But the singer’s throat doesn’t take a complete punishment like the one from Dillinger Escape Plan (whoever is singing there now). Instead, the approach is more of what Finch used to do: hardcore punk with some breezy rock moments that expand, flutter and dive into the ground once again, with some furious retribution in mind. Whoa, three minutes that feel like 10. Good dynamics.

‘Debord’s ghost’ is slightly less fierce (although the fangs are well bared and the scowl ain’t the friendly type). Drumming is the name of the game for Jairus in this one, creating an almost tribal atmosphere. Hide that steely knife, Don. ‘Dry yourself off Richard Milhouse’. I’m a sucker for interesting names in songs, so this one caught my eye. Dynamically, it’s the same structure as the others, but the guitar (especially towards the end) does a spot of cat-playing-with-mouse tricks.

There’s an instrumental ‘Interlude’ which feels just right amidst the chaotic, fiery atmosphere that Jairus creates. It’s 4 tracks, 13 minutes or so and I still think of Finch (R.I.P.), although I have absolutely no point of comparison except for the “energetic” and “well placed screams” categories. That’ll do for me.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Jairus Bandcamp. Myspace. Facebook. Bandcamp. Twitter.


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