Everyone an army – The Thundering Triumph of Knowing What’s Right

trifecta is achieved when you correctly guess the name and place for the three top horses in a race. It’s a hard feat to achieve when so many things can go awry, but, nonetheless, it’s a possibility. Just ask Charles Bukowski (although I’d be scared if you get an answer).

Everyone an army‘s The thundering triumph of knowing what’s right is a trifecta. The songs are in the best possible running order and they all feel like proper purebred winners. There is no pedigree to be swaggered here only that the band creates an expansive atmosphere, rarefied with noble gasses and the right amount of panache.

‘Sang real’ kicks the EP in one very angry roundhouse. A joy to see live (possibly one that defines the energy Everyone an army emanates on their sharp live set), the punchy notes contrast with the almost whispered vocals of Martyn Hugues. Tapping the genre of math rock means that your drumming will be syncopated, with the occasional military precision of a well trained sniper. It’s all here and the dissonances wrapping up the track make it a well lauded track #1.

What do you after delivering a knuckle sandwich? You give a speech. ‘Clio’ is that speech and the quotable bit of said speech will be the bassline of this track. Certainly a more calmer sound, the atmosphere still is rarefied and ready to ignite when the smallest of sparks causes a pandemonium. The conflagration has arrived out of nowhere and after the dust has settled and the hazy smoke starts to dispel (amidst a screaming solo), the tribal earthly sounds of bass and drum contrast with the soaring feedback. Deceptively angry track #2.

Now, the end of ‘Clio’ and the beginning of ‘The Thundering Triumph of Knowing What’s Right’ almost crossfade. It’s the final movement of this composition and it is the meeting point of the previous two tracks, only whereas ‘Clio’ had some tenderness, this one feels more embedded in the realm of hopelessness (although the breezy guitar notes might clue a light at the end of the tunnel). Watch out for track #3, because after a carefully created drone, the band will set it all ablaze; the cinders of many emotions fall down like pieces of jenga. Track #3 might be the one who arrived last on the top three, but it did it with so much style, it upstaged the others.

Everyone An Army continue to do loud, brash rock that is more articulated than your usual punch-up and The Thundering Triumph of Knowing What’s Right continues a long list of pithy EPs that might be short in duration but not in emotion.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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