Third order Runge Kutta

Alright the Captain – SNIB

After a buzzing sound, the unleashed anger of Alright the Captain kicks you a few moments on the head. It checks your pulse and then kicks you again. ‘Rostov could get it’ is the sweet jackhammer to your head, a hell of an album opener. But that’s the way SNIB starts. This brand of Math Rock goes for some serious business (tinges of rock and prog here and there, but never deviating from their soul).

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Some stuff we’ve been spinning at Sloucher towers

Reverend Sound System (or RSS)


The new(ish) project of Jon McClure (he of Reverend & The Makers fame), mixing some indie and dubstep (genres are as fluctuating as my waistline).

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La Folie, c’est mon truc

La Folie – Risus Sardonicus

I got a very interesting album today, though the cover seemed a little bit as if all of my childhood traumas were reflected on that image: circus, an elephant, acrobats… anyway, I was pretty excited to listen to this new acquisition called Risus Sardonicus, by La Folie (I dig the name!)

There’s something about the circus that has always left me at unease; it’s maybe pretending, it’s maybe a parallel reality or just making fun at reality itself. Circus is the main concept of this album, and the result is quite interesting and calls for the uncanny.
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