Sucioperro – Fused

“We don’t make luck, we make choices” says ‘Fused’, the next to last song in Sucioperro‘s new album, Fused. It might sound like a simple New Age witticism, but, hey, it is a fact. Luck runs out and is unreliable; choices are made with a certain degree of control and knowledge.

That this knowledge and control come in the form of a heavy smothering of sounds is a whole deal altogether. Sucioperro (that’s dirtydog for ya… no space between words!) play mostly on the distorted shade of the spectrum, wielding machete-sharp riffs and although never screaming, the fierce conviction of their emotions is evident.

Sure, a lot of the lyrical work is spiteful and even full of self-deprecation, but the ebbs of the soul are a reality and if Fused will have a narrative centred in the less happier side of human relationships, then these Scots are your valedores.

‘A river of blood’, ‘Wolves’ and ‘What a fucking chump’ are fierce and brutal, relentless tracks of varying speed (although all of them fast). There’s a real gem of a track here and it’s called ‘Rabbits in boxes’. It does sport heavy moments, but the slower grooves and smouldering rhythm lets the song breathe and get a very nice flavour. Then it hits you, hard and without warning. ‘Pig ravens’ rides the coattails of ‘Rabbits in boxes’, starting completely hard and becoming utterly unstoppable by the droning bit that distorts. Excellent, spine chilling moment.

‘Discipline office’ is more unadultered rock, with the limelight perfectly stolen by the riffs sported by Sucioperro. There are slightly poppier moments. ‘Where at dat wild at’ is psychedelic and a bit ska, ‘Glass Castle’ is heavy but slightly weaker when compared to the harder hits (nice guitar work, though), ‘To nothing’ is easy going, with a wonderful ebow ambient that gives it a push upwards. Love the heavier bits of this one.

A very dear friend once heard Biffy Clyro and proclaimed they were the Scottish equivalent of Foo Fighters. Maybe my friend will listen to Sucioperro and declare that they are Scotland’s Queen of the Stone Age. Whatever happens, there’s some very strong moments in Fused that although never going for the full desert rock genre, they are trippy enough to get your attention.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Sucioperro Website. Bandcamp. Twitter. Facebook. Soundcloud.

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