Blog: See You Later, Graduator


The only way I can describe what it feels like to be graduating in five months time is this; staring off the edge of a cliff. You see the sun rise and fall. You can hear the ocean. Sometimes you hear people playing on the beach below. The sun is the opportunities, the failings, the great news, the knockbacks and the ocean is ‘the real world’. The people building sandcastles are your family and
friends, those already established; your peers.

I’m romanticising the sheer pressure and desperation faced by those who are about to leave a system which has carried them since they were four years old. Hey, what are you doing on Monday? I have no idea. Nothing. No class, no meetings, no lecture, no interview. The world is your oyster. You can do anything! If you have a degree/rich parents/access to contacts in a fabulous industry where you did a fabulous internship/a car. Or even a clue about what on earth you want to do. Continue reading “Blog: See You Later, Graduator”

The Lost Gem : Mad Season – Above

1994. A typical coffee shop in Seattle, Washington has four friends in the table looking like the world has crushed them. In way, it has. One of them is the lead guitarist of a highly successful band that’s in a the midst of a lawsuit with Ticketmaster. Another one is a blues bassist who met the guitarist while in rehab. The drummer is a junkie for multiculturalism and Zen. The singer has been through hell and back, several times, battling inner demons but always able to draw a wry smile on demand. Continue reading “The Lost Gem : Mad Season – Above”

Comment: Criminalising social media is criminalising freedom of speech

I’m confused by the news of late.

Matthew Woods – 12-weeks in prison for posting grossly offensive posts relating to the missing April Jones. Azhar Ahmed – a two-year community order, including 240-hours community service, for posting on Facebook that ‘troops will die in hell’. Continue reading “Comment: Criminalising social media is criminalising freedom of speech”

The Lost Gem : Nirvana – In Utero

Nevermind reached dizzying commercial heights mainly due to that song; you know the one about spirit with the video that has loads of smoke and cheerleaders. It defined the term ‘grunge’ to a lot of people, and for a few uneducated people, it probably still does. Continue reading “The Lost Gem : Nirvana – In Utero”

The Lost Gem : Zurdok – Hombre Sintetizador

I gotta be honest: for a big while I was “allergic” to Rock en Español. The reasons are a bit complex and not related to the music per se, but other factors. It took me a while to really warm up to any band from my own country, but then again, I was a late bloomer to most music. Continue reading “The Lost Gem : Zurdok – Hombre Sintetizador”

Lost gems: The Pale Pacific – Rules are predictable

It’s an interesting moment when The Pale Pacific‘s EP, Rules are predictable, stops. The thought of “what did I just listen to?” floats around in your head. Not because of them being overtly experimental guys with masks playing 5/4 signatures with lyrics about Picasso fighting Lavoisier, but because of the genres the band tackles. Continue reading “Lost gems: The Pale Pacific – Rules are predictable”

The Sunday Soapbox – The Box

Howdy, you beautiful carbon units typing on ergonomic keyboards and sipping chai-lattes with demerara sugar that is both ecofriendly and fairtrade and recyclable. It is me, Orestes P. Coltrane Xistos (P is for Pisstake) and I welcome you with open arms (and a Turk-slaying knife) to this new edition of The Sunday Soapbox.

Today’s rant: Richard Kelly‘s The Box.

Continue reading “The Sunday Soapbox – The Box”