The Right Wasp in the Wrong Factory

The Skinny: The Twilight Sad. New EP. What do you need, a reverberated diagram?

The Review Proper: You want more reasons? It’s some proper music, yo!

A long, lonely and distant piano note beckons in the distance, tolling the bells for what’s coming. It’s ‘The Wrong Car’, a proper, anthemic song that The Twilight Sad had hidden in their cool sleeves for a while. A seven minute mammoth that never outstays it’s welcome, with an amazing drum beat (Mark Devine, always great), strings (courtesy of Laura McFarlane) and that chunky reverb (Andy MacFarlane rocks) that you just can’t get enough of.

The great lyrics (what’s all about that ‘your pretty little dress / all covered in dirt’? Creepy/nostalgic, in an Iain Banks sense) are memorable, a little remorseful (maybe it’s about a break-up?) and at the same time, feel like acceptance. That whole sentence of “You’re on the right side of the wrong car” pretty much sums the song.

There’s something about this song that just mesmerises me. I can’t put my finger in it, but it’s an amazing song and the band should take a bow (and a sip of buckfast) for this great song. Be sure to check the video (the link is at the end of this gush review).

Keeping in good company is ‘Throw yourself in the water’, another song from the ‘Forget the Night Ahead’ sessions that was re-recorded for this EP. Less of an anthem, more on the rockier sound, building a little bit more on the tested and proved sound that these band deftly always uses, it’s another one for the pile of memorable songs.


Side B of the lovely 10 inch EP (really, it feels almost magical!) has two remixes. The first one is by the lads of Mogwai who go electronic on ‘The Room’ and Errors do their own magic on ‘Reflection of the Television’. These two songs are neither dancey nor remixed so strangely that you’ll lose the gist of the song (James Graham’s vocals barely got manipulated, so you still have the lovely Scottish brogue kickin’ all kinds of arse).

This side of The Wrong Car will be the one that might be raising a few red flags. The remixes are very give or take, it pretty much depends on how well you can detach yourself from any feelings/memories you have from the original songs and how open you are to these new interpretations.

To be honest, The Twilight Sad has been a band that likes to experiment with their own sound. Sure, they love it reverberated and loud, but they have a history of shenanigans (see ‘Here, it never snowed, afterwards it did’ for more re-interpretations) so if they manage to get a couple of remixes by two very capable bands, why not try it?

Loved side A, I’m cautiously liking side B, which seems to be a grower. Don’t need to tell you that side A is pretty good (would be preaching to the choir), but give the electronic versions a listen, the remixers do have a reputation…


About the author: Yes, I’m a fan. Sorry for the gushing.


The Twilight Sad

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