Singles Round-Up: Firesuite, Car Crash Sisters, Kal Marks, Hookworms

Another week, another calamitous congregation of squiggly tracks that want to piqué your interest into bands that would very much like to friend up. Or at least get your ears for a few moments.

Firesuite – Little Sacrifices

An eerie sample from a lost cosmonaut sets the mood for the most recent music from Sheffield‘s always underrated, always unloved, always unparalleled Firesuite. Another slice of post-rocking shoegaze, ‘Little Sacrifices’ continues to give Outlive your body, their upcoming album, an air of urgency. An out of control train, howling through deserted towns in a city that will never see daytime ever again.

Car Crash Sisters – In another world

Sit besides Car Crash Sisters in this green vinyl sofa and allow yourself to travel back to an urgent Winter of 1981. Post punk is re-inventing a tired genre, with heavy atmospheres wrapping the unstoppable energy of the three chord attach. ‘In another world’ finds Car Crash Sisters relishing being trapped back in time, still having that sweet shoegaze poison in the blade, ready to cut you up, then mend you back to health. Great taster for their upcoming album.

Kal Marks – Adventure

Kal Marks, what have you done? I’ve always pegged you as lackadaisical droning bees stealing the sweet mead and Lindisfarne wine from Exploding in Sound. You were always there, two tokes away from dying from chronic munchies. But no, you had to go and kick it up a notch, adding a louder layer to your devil-may-care attitude. The paint is no longer dark, it glows in the dark and follows your every move. ‘Adventure’, a step forward, still sauntering around, still wondering where the car keys were left.

Hookworms – Negative Space

Evolution seems is the theme for three of the four bands we’re recomending this week and Hookworms, who’ve graced in the past with kraut rock-led atmospheres and reverb drenched maelstroms are now decidedly electronic. Contrary to what some foolhards may think, this does not mean they’ve lost their edge. On the contrary, by abandoning that well-threaded path, they’ve placed themselves in a place where a wild territory beckons them. The howls are now beeps and blops, the cascades are synths and glitches. ‘Negative Space’ mesmerises with its trippy video, which marries minimalism with an infectious groove that, in its basic essence, still is as loud as Hookworms have ever been.

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