Review: Psychic Twin – Lose Myself


“So why Psychic Twin?”

When I was composing and recording these songs [Dream State//Strangers], it felt like there was someone else there, like a twin that never existed but that you could feel.” 

I had a long interview with Erin Fein, who is Psychic Twin, back in SXSW 2014. That interview never went published because I could never give it a good edit, but one of the driving points was finding more about this new project. And Psychic Twin has been the musical equivalent of a marathon. There were points where it seemed Erin Fein was running out of breath and that Psychic Twin was going to quit the race, but snippets of music, a glorious Daytrotter session, live shows, and constant studio teases rebuked those fears.

And now, in 2016, we’ve had a mixtape with Chrome Sparks and now ‘Lose Myself’, the first single from Strange Diary. The upbeat electronic arrangement is stalked by a dark undertone that conveys both desperation and wistfulness. There are panic attacks in sunny days, there is laughter in the freakiest rainstorms.

Create, edit, erase, repeat. That seemed the mantra for a while with Psychic Twin, and it’s understandable when the creative endeavor you are involved with is so personal. Who is Erin Fein? Who is truly the twin dictating lyrics and suggesting beats?

We may never know, but like many things in life, it’s the journey, not the destination. Strange Diary is out on Polyvinyl Records, September 9.

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

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