Review: Psychic Twin – Lose Myself

“So why Psychic Twin?” “When I was composing and recording these songs [Dream State//Strangers], it felt like there was someone else there, like a twin that never existed but that you could feel.”  I had a long interview with Erin Fein, who is Psychic Twin, back in SXSW 2014. That interview never went published because I could never give it a good edit, but one of the driving … Continue reading Review: Psychic Twin – Lose Myself

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SXSW Diaries – Wednesday is for Milwaukee beer lovers

Blue? No clue.

Note/Warning: My proper reviews for SXSW will be on La Pop Life and Gold Flake Paint soon(ish). For Sloucher, I’ll be posting diary-style stuff, mostly unedited (barring a few typos that had to go away, replaced by more typos. Most of these diaries were written late at night and honest to God, this is how they went. No clear cut narrative is intended, just general ramblings. Enjoy this Gonzo-style experiment. Continue reading “SXSW Diaries – Wednesday is for Milwaukee beer lovers”

Interview – Headlights & Psychic Twin

Photo taken from Psychic Twin’s Facebook.

Absinthe Blind. Headlights. Psychic Twin. Three very different bands, with a couple of members being transferred every time it undergoes a regeneration, Doctor Who style. Continue reading “Interview – Headlights & Psychic Twin”