Review: Psychic Twin – Lose Myself

“So why Psychic Twin?” “When I was composing and recording these songs [Dream State//Strangers], it felt like there was someone else there, like a twin that never existed but that you could feel.”  I had a long interview with Erin Fein, who is Psychic Twin, back in SXSW 2014. That interview never went published because I could never give it a good edit, but one of the driving … Continue reading Review: Psychic Twin – Lose Myself

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Interview – The Eastern Sea

Source: The Eastern Sea.

So, last year, after buying a membership to Daytrotter, I haphazardly ran into this band, The Eastern Sea. I clicked on their session and after a couple of tracks, ‘The Match’ grabbed my entangled heartstrings and left them like a boondoggle. ‘The Snow’ finished the trick and I was one of the converted. I reviewed their album Plague (review) and managed to get lead singer Matt Hines to agree to an email interview.

Here we go:

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