Video: Dead English Gentlemen – Buried on Muscle Beach


RIP, Dead English Gentlemen, we hardly knew ye. Just found about it in today’s news, reported with all the gory bits highlighted for the Instagram generation.

The frantic trio of Dead English Gentlemen were on the rise, back into the game with a brand new video for a their single, ‘Buried on Muscle Beach’. And they paid the warm reception for this song with their lives.

You see, after the success of 2014’s We don’t tell lies…we just keep secrets (review), the band went back to the studio. Instead of creating new music, they developed a taste for card games. This exacerbated a previously unknown addiction to banana milk (Frijj, of course).

 Three card monte. Piquet. Texas hold ’em. Pinochle. Poker. Kings in the corners. All those card games, the trio knew them all. And so they frittered their studio time while the eternally vexed David Sanderson kept looking at the mic set up. Dead English Gentlemen were an unstoppable card-playing machine and on a fateful day, they decided to try their luck against an Auton-looking mannequin. This was no Kim Cattrall, this was a vengeance-filled mannequin, awaiting to snare the prog-rock trio into a deadly trap.

What happened? You might want to take a look into the Hammer meets Guy Ritchie video right here…

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Dead English Gentlemen Facebook. Twitter. Big Cartel.

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