Review: Jim Ghedi – Destroy Your Earthly Possessions

Photo on 02-10-2014 at 16.32

With a title like this and given Mr. Ghedi’s previous recordings, I was expecting a passionate outpouring of meaningful and inspiring spiritual jazzfolk but surprisingly, Jim’s
having none of it.

An artist never afraid to follow his heart, Jim Ghedi neatly sidesteps all our preconceptions on this newest recording to be released by the dudes at Audacious Art Experiment (possibly Sheffield’s best kept secret.)
It’s fair to say that ambient instrumental passages have featured strongly in Jim’s live work and often these would be improvisational in nature. On these eight tracks, Jim Ghedi has cast aside any restraint and let his experimental nature flourish. The compositions flow effortlessly between minimalism, jazz and ambient as the composer manipulates and treats guitar, piano, voice and saxophone .

These new cinematic soundscapes are a far cry from previous acoustic folk offerings and yet have the unmistakable Ghedi hallmarks of artistic integrity, freedom and an element of surprise. No more so than on the opener ‘Nature’, a shimmering soundscape of looped and treated voice and
instrumentation. ‘Fatherless’ is closest to familiar Ghedi territory with sampled poetry (his own) in a jazzy atmospheric mix.

By the time we have sojourned to ‘Crossing Borders’ you understand that Ghedi has, in creating an album of music for films, created the soundtrack to his artistic journey and vision so far. Thankfully he invites us to join him.

Words: Keith How

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