Review: Oliver Wilde – Red Tide Opal in the Loose End Womb


Don’t say I didn’t warn Sloucher readers about Oliver Wilde’s rising star after his critically acclaimed offering A Brief introduction to Unnatural Light Years.

Well, Oliver is back with a new equally ground-breaking album. The title is impressive but even more so is the content. Oliver Wilde’s trouble is that he is bloody inventive. There is a sneaky ’60s feel underpinning his dreamy ghost-like compositions. Like Shelob’s web, once you are in you become enchanted and entangled. Mellow? Yes but spliced with unexpected twists and turns. Take ‘St Elmo’s Fire’, drifting along like a warm summer day with typical Wilde drone like guitars carrying you along, vocals hypnotise you then that unexpected chord change that keep you alert.

Or ‘Stomach Full of Cats’. A pleasing summer vibe keyboard driven, pulsating bass and a chorus to hum along to but never in your face. Not ever!
When you enter Oliver Wilde’s universe, you swim in a tide of slightly warped warm psychedelia tinged with little sly humour and fun. ‘On This Morning’ sets the scene with some sneaky electronics and violin and drifty lyrics about opiates, drains and acid rain and we are on the magical mystery tour!
Ethereal? Yes .Addictive? Yes. ‘Vessel’ ends the album. It is the real deal. Floating down a river. Gentle, soothing but always that hint of the unexpected just waiting to trip you up.

Red Tide Opal in the Loose End Womb is not going to blast you into oblivion but it will take you on a fantastic voyage. Genius is an often used term. Use here.

Words: Keefy

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