Best albums of 2014

  Ahoy there! We have another one of them fancy lists for your reading pleasure. Since everyone and their mothers (and farmers’ mothers) have a “best of” list by now, we asked our readers and collaborators for their choices. Some heard the call and voraciously, viciously and vividly described what they enjoyed (or not – more on that later) in this year of our Lord … Continue reading Best albums of 2014

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Oliver Wilde at “Bungalows and Bears” 27/03/13

Oliver Wilde and his posse (including a gang of errant Finnish film makers) breezed into “Bungalows” three or four gigs into their tour in front of Oliver’s 2nd album release in May. A decent crowd gathered to see the band which proved quite difficult as the venue’s commitment to putting on a live gig seemed to revolve around a very small “performance area” with NO lighting at all. Continue reading “Oliver Wilde at “Bungalows and Bears” 27/03/13”