Oliver Wilde at “Bungalows and Bears” 27/03/13

Oliver Wilde and his posse (including a gang of errant Finnish film makers) breezed into “Bungalows” three or four gigs into their tour in front of Oliver’s 2nd album release in May. A decent crowd gathered to see the band which proved quite difficult as the venue’s commitment to putting on a live gig seemed to revolve around a very small “performance area” with NO lighting at all.

Fortunately this did not deter Oliver Wilde and his band who launched into their set undeterred with vigor and enthusiasm. Wilde, surrounded by his army of electronic gizmos and guitar, is a commanding and engaging front man. His songs have that touch of magic that keep the listener engaged with the music. Vast swirls of strange sounds pour from the speakers along with guitar, bass and violin held together by some very respectful percussive work. The band deliver with a high degree of confidence confirming the glowing reviews of the album A Brief Introduction to Unnatural Light Years. I strongly recommend you give this album a listen.

The slightly hazy psychedelic sound has just enough menace woven into beautifully constructed tunes of the highest quality that just take you there. Most certainly a “sleeper“. Songs from the new record previewed live only confirm the real talent of Oliver Wilde – you heard it here at SLOUCHER first – don’t say we didn’t tell you?
After the gig I managed to have a few words with the man. He gave me a cassette!!

Top Geezer.

Red Tide Opal in the Loose End Womb is out in May on Howling Owl.

Words: Keith How

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