A-Sun Amissa – You Stood Up For Victory, We Stood Up For Less


For some unknown and mysterious reason I found myself watching the day slowly fade away into an evening that was perfectly still. A cloudless sky, azure blue through orange then pale lemon as darkness, slowly eased her way over the horizon. This album, You Stood Up For Victory, We Stood Up For Less, was already playing and became the perfect soundtrack.

I am not familiar with the musicians performing here so I come to the album not knowing what to expect. Sitting firmly in the chair marked ambient drone, A-Sun Amissa handle the genre with intelligence and grace. Abstract painters spend years learning when to add those little touches that add life to a painting or when the work is complete not to over complicate. The same discipline seems to have been applied to these two tracks ‘Part 1’ and ‘Part 2’.

An overall melancholia pervades with a quite dense but approachable, delayed guitar notes echo with a sinister intent wrapped in swathes of sound. A flute weaves in and out along with single repeated piano notes while layers of sound brood patiently underneath. Melodies spiring to life and somehow crumble and die only to be re-shaped and reborn.

The effect is pastoral and eerily beautiful but there’s nothing to fear here.

Check them out.

Words: Keefy How

A-Sun Missa Website. Twitter. Soundcloud.

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