Tramlines 2013 – Recommendations


We know it’s a very busy weekend, this whole Tramlines thing, so we’ve done a lil’ list of bands we really suggest you check. Heck, some of these we placed in a neat lil’ podcast.

Like last year, we’ve compiled a nifty PDF file you can print with our recommendations. Print it double sided, fold it and Bob’s your uncle (we did the DNA test).

Sloucher – Tramlines 2013 recommendations (click here for pdf download)

Don’t agree? The official Tramlines website has the whole guacamole-filled quesadilla and even better, you can buy a Tramlines guide (which wasn’t made in fugly Excel like mine) for 3 quid, available right now at The Harley and The Wick at Both Ends.

Without any further ado (the lest words I type, the less grammar mistakes I make) here’s a few venues we believe have a gorgeous line up… Continue reading “Tramlines 2013 – Recommendations”

Gig Review: Black International, Kimmy Yeah, Great Deeds, Ghost of Alaska

The chilly wind was back on full effect on that Saturday night, where the only three reasons to continue walking were the inclination of the hill (downhill – wheeee!), Converse shoes with holes on “dem soles” and Chino “Berrinches” Moreno screaming about holes in the Earth’s surface.

Standard September night. Selah. Still, there was a good reason to go out, as Scotland’s own Black International were gigging and when this duo beckons, you’d better heed the call or suffer the consequences (i.e. getting made fun of by their rather quick wit). Continue reading “Gig Review: Black International, Kimmy Yeah, Great Deeds, Ghost of Alaska”