Podcast : The Hibiscus Cocktail Mix

We bring you another dashingly cool music mix, this time ’round it’s all about Mexican bands, some rather well known and established, some getting a good buzz and some just starting out on this journey we call music.

Did you like that? You can find out more about each band:

Turbina Bandcamp. Twitter. Website. Facebook. Soundcloud. – Our reviews.

Mooi SoundcloudMyspaceFacebookTwitter. – Our reviews.

Lumiere Website. Facebook. Twitter. Bandcamp. – Our reviews

The Jonathan Arellano Project SoundcloudFacebookTwitterMyspace. – Our reviews

Los Impresionistas Facebook. Myspace. Soundcloud. Twitter. – Our reviews

Chikita Violenta Website. Twitter. Facebook. Spotify. Myspace. Last.fm. Daytrotter session – Our reviews

Dandy Overdose Website. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud. – Our reviews

The Polar Dream Twitter. Facebook. Bandcamp. Myspace. Last.fm. – Our review

The Smösh Bandcamp. Facebook. Twitter. Soundcloud. – Our reviews

Cuatro sobre la luna Website. Soundcloud. Twitter. Myspace. Facebook. – Our review

Caicedo Facebook. Bandcamp. Soundcloud. Twitter.

Antoine Reverb Facebook. Myspace. Twitter. Last.fm. Bandcamp.

Dale Bam Bam Tumblr. Myspace. Facebook. Twitter.

Yokozuna Soundcloud. Twitter. Facebook. Last.fm. – Our review

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