Singles Review: Chikita Violenta, Dandy Overdose, The Polar Dream, Psychic Twin, Dinosaurs are shit dragons, Speedy Ortiz

Greetings, readers eating tacos  (via Street Food Chef)!  Welcome to another edition of our “reviewing releases late again” single reviews column.

This week’s singles come courtesy of a bad yoghurt I had with my kebab. Chicken and prune yoghurt DO NOT MIX.

Ah, singles, right:

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Podcast : The Hibiscus Cocktail Mix

We bring you another dashingly cool music mix, this time ’round it’s all about Mexican bands, some rather well known and established, some getting a good buzz and some just starting out on this journey we call music.

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Kvetching in Sheffield – #1

Art: Glenn Miller.
Wet Nuns. By: Glenn Miller.

Waddle, waddle, waddle, it’s Springtime for Hitler and Germany…no, wait, that’s from The Producers, the best pisstake musical ever. After Spamalot. I think. Hey, that’s no ordinary rabbit.

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Invitacion: Urss Bajo El Arbol en el Club Atlantico

Los compas de URSS bajo el árbol (quienes reseñamos hace algunas lunas) tocan mañana con un cartel buenísimo en el Club Atlántico. Por 80 pesitos (preventa: 60 en Rebel Shop), tienen este cartelazo: Mr. Racoon (¡freak folk de Monterrey!) The Polar Dream (¡post rock tapatío!) Lady Lane (¡shoegaze!) Suave as hell (¡dream pop!) URSS bajo el árbol (¡experimental con mucho saxofón!) Continue reading Invitacion: Urss Bajo El Arbol en el Club Atlantico

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30 days, 30 bands – #23 Canyon Family

I have a weird obsession with 70s country folk. Sometimes it veers into false memories of golden bright days, being driven around Tula, Hidalgo, while the radio blasts America, Fairport Convention, and John Denver. Other times, dashes of Mazzy Star, Whiskeytown, and Uncle Tupelo come up. I can’t quite put my finger on the name of the band that Canyon Family  reminds me the most of, … Continue reading 30 days, 30 bands – #23 Canyon Family

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Review: Moving Panoramas – One

When is music a healing tool? I for one cannot say that I know the process as a musician, but as a music junkie, I think that once you find the one song that brings catharsis for a particular bad memory, you’ve found the chosen one. Wait, one, one, ONE! Fuck yeah, Moving Panoramas’ debut album is out! In lieu of a review full of platitudes, … Continue reading Review: Moving Panoramas – One

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Interview – Echodrone

Source: Echodrone’s Bandcamp.

It’s no secret that Shoegaze is a very much loved genre in this Shithole of a Website (TM) called Sloucher. Is it the inherent dreaminess of the sounds? Is it the sometimes whispered vocals? Is it the slight scary undertones of some songs? Whatever it is, our goose pimples are on the draw and all hairs on the back of our neck are ready to stand whenever those reverb & echo drenched notes arrive.

And for the cornucopia of bands we’ve found that do the genre, Echodrone is simply one of the best we’ve encountered. A serendipitous email and some very late reviews later and we’ve found the essence of the band still lingering in the halls of this joint.

So, an interview was not only a necessity, but a privilege. We got in touch with the band and Meredith Gibbons (vocals), Brandon Dudley (bass) and Eugene Suh (vocals, guitars) were kind enough to take our questions.

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