Podcast : The Hibiscus Cocktail Mix

We bring you another dashingly cool music mix, this time ’round it’s all about Mexican bands, some rather well known and established, some getting a good buzz and some just starting out on this journey we call music.

Did you like that? You can find out more about each band: Continue reading “Podcast : The Hibiscus Cocktail Mix”

Wake up to… Los Impresionistas

Los Impresionistas are an experimental rock band from Mexico City who are not afraid to play around with emotions (and their instruments…and chord progressions). Whether by going the route of Rock or deceptively laying some electronic music (but then hitting you back with more Rock), Los Impresionistas are slowly but surely getting their musical gospel out there for the masses. Here’s ‘Esperando el olvido en … Continue reading Wake up to… Los Impresionistas

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