Video round up : Yokozuna, Wampire, Cuatro sobre la luna, Sonny and the Sunsets, Secret Colours, The Smösh

Yo, yo, yo, dear readers, it’s me, Deputy Editor and sociopath Orestes P. Xistos. Here’s your weekly* video round up.


Yokozuna have been rocking the funny green fairy again (well, when haven’t they?) and between some riffage and political comment, they have released a video for their track ‘Quiero Venganza’ (I want revenge), which sports a brutal crunchy distortion. Their new album, Quiero Venganza, drops June 17th. Be sure to catch it and pay some hard earned credits (pesos, dollars, pounds ,bitcoins) for it.

Y’know, the more I listen to Wampire the more I love them. I still don’t know how I managed to miss out on the promo… Anyways, the video for ‘Orchards’ encompasses what Wampire always felt to me: road trip music! Trippy, slightly scary and utterly violet (or mauve – I’m colourblind), I’m in love with the song and the fields on the last moments of the vid.

Wampire are on a minitour:

London,  UK. Shacklewell Arms (Jun 18)
Paris,   France.  Espace B (Jun 20)
Amsterdam, Netherlands. MC Theatre (Jun 21)

Ah, Monterrey, how I miss thee, with your superb meat industry, industrious people, weird piratas (Zorritos – the best ones in Universidad) and the always buzzing music scene. Here’s a band from La Sultana del Norte, a band with fashionable pop called Cuatro Sobre La Luna. This sweet track is called ‘Otro lugar’ (another place). Crack a beer open and enjoy the funky visuals.

Sonny & The Sunsets have a new conceptual album, Antenna to the Afterworld, coming out soon (soon as in “June 11th” soon.) Their newest video, ‘Palmreader’ is  an analogy to that time I went out on a blind date and we foolishly went to see Hostel. We thought it was an European art film. Oh, well. Enjoy the gory but goofy (compared to Hostel it is!) video and keep an eye out for their lovely post punky album!

What do you do when someone spikes your Fruit Brute cereal? Well, first you don a gas mask and give them the fright of their life, just like Secret Colours do on their video for the sweet ditty ‘Blackhole’. Then you check into a hospital because Fruit Brute hasn’t been produced in ages, so you are probably poisoned.

In less weird news, Secret Colours are playing Empty Bottle (Chicago, IL) on June 8.

Hey, remember The Smösh? We reviewed this track, ‘Días Dorados’ aaaaaaaaaaaaaaages ago and now it has a very lovely video (although I think those fried eggs have way too much oil.) Great video and nice to see Puente Tampico (which took ruddy ages to be completed) featured. Odd note, our Generalíssimo Editor Sam once wrote a novel where “something” happened on that very bridge. Great minds and all that…

Tune in next week so you can find out what other Stereogum exclusives we stole! Hey, at least we are honest…

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