Impignorating in Sheffield – #1

Art: Glenn Miller.
Wet Nuns. By: Glenn Miller.

Heeeeeeey, it’s me, your friendly neighbourhood listings editor, @Orestes_yipee. There was no preview on May because I was on strike. ATTICA! ATTICA!

However, this is June, the best month of the year. Here’s your June Preview. But first, a few words.
As you’ve noticed, we live in hard times and Tramlines is now charging for a few venues, like Leadmill, O2 Academy, The Harley, Plug and more to be revealed soon. You can get a weekend ticket for 15 quid. If you don’t want to pay, worry not, as there’s several free venues like Weston Park, the Folk Forest (smack in the middle of Mirkwood Endcliffe Park) & The Cathedral. Pay or not? Your choice.

The great Brew Records has ceased to exist. Their releases are a legacy of a very excellent musical taste. You can still buy their wares here.

Anyways, previews:


MUSIC (well, of course)

We have been listening to a lot of music here at Sloucher Towers. Not a nasty, dirty, wet tower, filled with the ends of goblins and an oozy smell, nor yet a dry, bare, sandy hole with nothing in it to sit down on or to eat: it was a Sloucher Tower, and that means comfort. And bad grammar.

Saturday looks good to me have a brand new, spankingly good album called One Kiss Ends it all. Our review got lost in Mexican customs, so it’s being re-written again.

Vision Fortune created one of the best albums I’ve heard. I wish I was the one who reviewed it, but, alas, our Generalíssimo Sam took it. Taco-eatin’ motherfucker. Awesome band, perfect album.

The extremely nice and talented Psychic Twin have finished their 80tastic album. We can’t wait to indulge into their newwaveness, so we’ll obsess over this.

México‘s own Buffalo Blanco have slowly invaded and percolated through the taste filters of this lil’ website. Here’s their newest album:

Turbina (also from México) have another slice of psychedelic rock for your tastebuds. We promise not to take a whole year to review this.

Who says Pop is bad? Well, whoever does has never listened to the sweet songs of The City and Horses, signed to Paper Garden Records and with a brand new album (due June 18th) which we’ve totally heard ahead of you guys #powertrippin’

Our newest acolyte reviewer, Beth, heartily recommended this band called Alaska. She’s right on the money:

Our lovely reviewer (and part time dinosaur) Cat Keller tackled this beast of an album by Alright The Captain:

The lovely Samaris has a new album out in July. Tantalising dreamy voice for the hopelessly romantic (aren’t we all? I know I am!)

Have we mentioned we love Shoegaze? Have we re-affirmed our love for the GREATNESS that is Letting up Despite Great Faults? Sure we did. Our dream gig would be Echodrone, Dead Leaf Echo, Letting up Despite Great Faults, The Eastern Sea and Ola Podrida. Someone make it happen! Or, shit, we’ll have to make a podcast about them…



The Gentlemen, Babeshadow & Brave New Storm. The Bowery, presented by Tired & Mardy . FREEEEE. (Jun 3)

Smithereens, Tetsuo!!! and Children In Heat. The Washington. Freeeeeee so rock on! (Jun 5)

The Chapman Family is rocking The Bowery (Jun 6) in a Tired & Mardy curated gig. Support from The Violet May and 3 Foot Ninja. Free as a hug.

Hey Sholay take over Queens Social Club with support by Let’s buy happiness, High Hazels and a taxidermy rabbit. Only without the last one (I stole it). 4 quid, 5 on the door. So save a quid. (Jun 7)

Xray Klub presents Peace in the pub (The Harley). Friends and Live acts special House, garage, breaks and vibes. Arshaw (+ MCs), Mr Skiver, XRH Djs. 3 quid. (Jun 8)

Semi Detached brings to Bungalows and Bears the music of Fair Ohs, Cowtown and Brazinskas. Free! (Jun 9)

Acoustic Loveliness feat. Summer of Blood, Pete Green & Mike Szymanski. Free at The Closed Shop (rather good ales there, too). The gig is free, the alcohol isn’t. Sorry. (Jun 11th)

The Harley Live Book Group with Paul Morley at Queens Social Club. Books? The Harley is now becoming unstoppable! If you like spoken word and books, boogey down to this one, looks rather good. 7 libras, more on the door. (Jun 12)

Have you heard of a rocking band called Folks? Yes? You’re lucky! They’ll play at The Harley (Jun 14). 7 legal tender credits, humans. You haven’t? Check ’em:

WagonWheel Presents : The Lonesome & Penniless Cowboys + M&J Blues. Mordor, I mean, The Greystones. 5 pounds (6 on the door). Catch them! (Jun 21)

Is WagonWheel unstoppable? Their June stuff seems to confirm this. They’ll bring Good Lovelies to The Greystones (lovely joint, as much as I make fun of it…) 10 quid (12 on the door). (Jun 26)

Dave Woodcock & The Dead Comedians / Pete David/ Chris Murphy live at The Greystones. 5 quid advance, 6 on the door. (Jun 28 – GREAT DATE- Ed.)

WagonWheel Presents : The Clench + The Rainy Day Club + Mordrake. It’s a well-known fact that The Clench musicalised the infamous break up of one of our staff editors. See them live (just don’t break up with anyone before….if you do, drink some lovely ales). The Shakespeare. (Jun 28 – GREAT DATE- Ed.)

SB squared presents Roaming Son / Straight Razor Angels / Diamond Velocity / Chayser/ Weekend Offenders @ 02 Academy (Formerly known as The Roxy). 6 quid. (Jun 29)

Final thoughts… My fave concept album is Thrice‘s The Alchemy Index. Give it a shot!

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