Gig: The Rainy Day Club + Canyon Family + Pete David


There’s something with the small room on the top floor of the Great Gatsby. It’s something in its layout that makes it look and feel like a speakeasy. Add a couple of burly truants, Dapper Dan-styled dandy gents and a few hustlers and it could be a temporal anomaly in Division Street (well, another one after that gateway to hell that used to be called Jack’s*.) Continue reading “Gig: The Rainy Day Club + Canyon Family + Pete David”

Review – Later…Without Jools Holland (Low Duo, David J. Roch, Pete David, See Emily Play)


The Sheffield music aficionados are restless. The tickets say 7pm, they’ve loaded up on pints of Thornbridge’s finest, and they want in. The Greystones’ staff apologise: the bands aren’t ready yet. An awkward queue forms along the bar; the audience has false-started, but nevertheless will stake its individual claims to the best seats inside The Backroom. Continue reading “Review – Later…Without Jools Holland (Low Duo, David J. Roch, Pete David, See Emily Play)”

Impignorating in Sheffield – #1

Art: Glenn Miller.
Wet Nuns. By: Glenn Miller.

Heeeeeeey, it’s me, your friendly neighbourhood listings editor, @Orestes_yipee. There was no preview on May because I was on strike. ATTICA! ATTICA!

However, this is June, the best month of the year. Here’s your June Preview. Continue reading “Impignorating in Sheffield – #1”

Interview – The Payroll Union

The Payroll Union are a Sheffield band that has been doing the rounds for a while, but it wasn’t until this year when it all started to fall into place. Between an EP launch in a cozy little pub, a stint on the Busker bus during Tramlines and a couple of Hoedowns (one which ended in a massive hay fight), the band is getting loads of good word of mouth.

A meeting with the band was arranged at 2Fly studios.  When I get to the studio, the band are still recording. The song is ‘1826’ and although the basic layout is pretty much finished, they want to add an extra layer of detail to the song. Melodica, a spot of keyboard and even the sound of breaking wood (courtesy of  a 2×4 being destroyed in the studio) are added.

The Payroll Union are Ben (drums, vocals), Paul (bass) and Pete (guitar, main vocals) and they have been recording for the entire weekend. They look slightly tired but happy about how the song is panning out, so we take a stroll around and settle down at a Mexican restaurant to talk about Americana, history and why your influences might not determine how you sound.

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