And ode to no one

The day was as cobalt blue, like the salts he had seen earlier in the morning, when the lab assistant showed him the evidence that was to be used in the trial. Another kangaroo court in this unforgiving city.

He was overcome.

He thought it was something he needed. For how long was he tired of dragging that useless relationship around? It was all business, nothing more.

A lonely swing creaked. It was only the wind.

It was a conflict of feelings, what swirled in his IBS-afflicted insides. The cold December winds contrasted to the fire raging in his soul. He was supposed to be the good guy. He was supposed to be the law enforcer, but time had transformed into something else.

He remembers the exact phrase, the words being spoken to him, cast like a banishment from a higher authority.

Ten years. No, it was more. Had it been so long? Had the good moments from such a long time could be taken away in a swift cut? Even worse, could the cut had been

He looked at his hands, now empty and cold.

No one was around, just the cold December wind.

It felt like a new beginning. Even if it was through vicarious atonement.

Happiness lasted for a moment. Then he realised what happened. Unforgiving viscera eyes and their everlasting gaze, set upon him.

A helicopter flew by. It’s them again. Watching him. Documenting every moment since he achieved that second of happiness until the inevitable bitter end.

The garbage barrel in the distance was still smouldering away, ash and carbonised paper flying away to parts unknown.

He was overcome.

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