SXSW Diaries Saturday – Possible Kill Screen


Note/Warning: My proper reviews for SXSW will be on La Pop Life and Gold Flake Paint soon(ish). For Sloucher, I’ll be posting diary-style stuff, mostly unedited (barring a few typos that had to go away, replaced by more typos. Most of these diaries were written late at night and honest to God, this is how they went. No clear cut narrative is intended, just general ramblings. Enjoy this Gonzo-style experiment.

“The most promising acolyte left us, not out of the lesser folly of sentiment, but the greater folly of anger. His heart was clouded, and his balance was lost, but his abilities were unmatched. Even then, we knew to watch him most carefully.”

     — Keeper Annals, Thief: The Dark Project.
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And ode to no one

The day was as cobalt blue, like the salts he had seen earlier in the morning, when the lab assistant showed him the evidence that was to be used in the trial. Another kangaroo court in this unforgiving city. He was overcome. He thought it was something he needed. For how long was he tired of dragging that useless relationship around? It was all business, … Continue reading And ode to no one

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