Paving Stones : Celestial Circus

Celestial Circus A proggy band from Hobart, Australia, Celestial Circus goes for old school Progressive rock, with influences ranging from Dream Theater to King Crimson (Joe Richards, their bassist, is a big fan of Robert Fripp). With a very impressive live sound and a true love for prog, here’s a free track from Celestial Circus. Pythia Part I Links Myspace. Facebook. Continue reading Paving Stones : Celestial Circus

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Greeks bearing gifts

Trojan horse – Trojan Horse

Stream – ‘Brazilian’

I remember the words a certain famous musician said, that music was about creating universes by any means available. This musician in fact had little credit and fame in his career and his Opus was considered as “rather eccentric” at the time he walked this Earth. Funny.

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Third order Runge Kutta

Alright the Captain – SNIB

After a buzzing sound, the unleashed anger of Alright the Captain kicks you a few moments on the head. It checks your pulse and then kicks you again. ‘Rostov could get it’ is the sweet jackhammer to your head, a hell of an album opener. But that’s the way SNIB starts. This brand of Math Rock goes for some serious business (tinges of rock and prog here and there, but never deviating from their soul).

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