Robert George Saull – Richard Furlong


Monday. It was late in the evening when I heard a car door slam through the curtain I could make out a few people going in next door. I didn’t think much about this until later when I sat down with a brew.

From the wall I heard the gentle strumming of a guitar accompanied by a bass. A deep voice that resonated with feeling began to sing a strange and beautiful song about walking a dog ,beast and trees. I made some toast in the hope of another song but all was quiet.

Tuesday. A warm afternoon. I was emptying the bin when I heard the clinking of glasses and laughter from the garden next door. A guitar struck up a jaunty tune , a bass joined in I think. I recognized the voice from the previous night. I was tapping my foot when I realized the song was about death and dying. Maggots were mentioned! “There’s a thing” I  thought to myself.  Someone had picked up a saxophone and played a really neat bluesy solo which made me feel happy. It all sounded quite fun.

Wednesday. Oh dear. All not well next door! Came back from the library to find that some one was not happy. I was unpacking my shopping when the singing began. Sad words about a lost love and wishing happiness for the lover departed . Very meaningful .The voice was sad and slightly broken. Sad but precious. A beautiful violin added
to the lonesome sound.

Thursday. Had an early night. Was woken up about midnight when next doors arrived home and got the guitars out. A female voice accompanied the deep sad voice. They seemed resigned to being melancholic and sang a song about mortality and the fragility of life. Makes you think though.

Friday. There’s quite a gang next door. Making music again. I’m sure I can hear a cello and some dude is playing a pedal steel thingy – very nice. Quite a poet that singer. His voice suits his words, meaningful and thought provoking. He is on about mortality again- he’s a bit of a philosopher. Still I’m going to have a word. I missed the Lottery Draw listening to them.

Saturday. He’s alone tonight I switched the T.V. off when I heard the guitar being played. A song of far off hills, yearning, longing and lost childhood dreams accompanied by his gentle guitar.The song developed and the voice grew more impassioned. A long rambling story that left me hoping for a happy ending. After ten minutes or so the singing stopped and all was quiet. I decided that I would pop round the next day to say thank you.

Sunday. Woke up to find an envelope through the letterbox. Looked up and noticed there was no car next door. Made toast and coffee ,inside the envelope was a compact disc . A sad bearded face was on the cover.


I put it in the player and listened.
‘Dutch Elm’
‘One Sugar Day’
‘A Jug of This’
‘The Weight of Dust’
‘The Wedding Prayer’

Welcome to songs with a hint of world-weariness seen through a sly eye tinged with a gentle humour. Trust me – you will be humming these tunes for weeks. 5/5.

Words: Keefy

Robert George Saull Facebook. Soundcloud.

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