Interview – Wet Nuns

A normal day at Wet Nuns HQ. Art: Glenn Miller.

About a year ago, we interviewed Wet Nuns just before Christmas. We tried to do the same this year but we got shanghaied by a bunch of macheteros and ended up drinking Pozol ’til the cows came home. Still, the band did courteously replied to the emailed questions and even sent some badges that managed to get us in trouble with a group of pilgrims in the Metro that were going to La Basílica de Guadalupe.

What does “excommunication” mean again?

Anyhoo, Terence Trent D’Barndance (vocals, growls, guitar, virgin sacrifices) answered our questions while Clit Eastwood (drums, vocals, perfect torso, non-virgin sacrifices) typed and moderated. Thank y’all from the bottom of our soot-stained hearts. We wish you the best of Pagan rites in the upcoming days.

1. Do you think your music has evolved or changed compared against your tracks in 2010?

Yes. In that we’ve become better at playing music. The songs we had in 2010 that we still play have changed slightly, because we know them inside out.

As for the newer stuff, we just like to progress, every new song we do we try to push ourselves. Invent something new, or learn something new that pushes us technically. And keeps it fun.

2. I really enjoy the lyrics of your songs. What’s the story or inspiration for you to write lyrics?

Inspiration changes, some lyrics are very fast. All come out in one. Some take a while. Some are just made up on the spot while we practise and aren’t considered a great deal till later. I think the value of the words varies a lot from song to song.

3. Playing gigs or recording music, which is the event that you consider the most creative one?

Both equally creative definatly. But in a very different way. I dont think we’ve done a tiny fraction of whats possible with recording yet. Something maybe we’ll try next time we get in the studio.

Live is also fun, being so lacking in numbers always lands us in a place where we need to be creative.

4. The most important aspect of your music is:

Having fun.

5. For you jamming means:

Going off on one. Being a bit daft and playing around on the same thing for a while is healthy for us. It’s just knowing how to reign it in and turn it into something concise. We like a lot of jammy bands. But this band isnt really the vehicle for such fret wankery. We like to get to the point.

We’ve started jamming Pink Floyd‘s ‘Breathe’ instead of practising. One day we shall unleash a 2-hour live performance of that one riff.

6. You’ve managed to get a couple of remixes with Matt Helders from Arctic Monkeys. You reckon you’ll do a remix competition in the future for any of your other tracks?

It’s always quite fascinating to see what people do with our stuff when it comes to remixing. So yeah, maybe its something to consider.

7. Any plans for videos?

Well we have a video out at the moment for the single ‘Heavens Below’. We have some more ridiculous ideas in the pipeline.

8. I went to a gig the other day and noticed a band that was sort of copying your looks (but not your music). Two out of three members even looked like you! Have you been cloned by a demented bassisst/scientist? What can we do next time we see these doppelgangers?

I think the only real option is to strip them bare. Burn their attire and try to get to the bottom of why they are imitating this pair of idiot’s style? Maybe.

9. Any plans for 2012, release and tour wise?

We should have another single out early March. Then tour for that. Maybe something physical this year too. We haven’t quite decided yet. You’ll be the first to know though.

10. Looking back at 2011, what do you cherish the most and what do you sort of want to sweep under the carpet?

We will sweep NOTHING under the carpet. We cherish pretty much everything we do. Especially the hideous drunken behaviour.

11. For Clit Eastwood: what’s yer fave tattoo?

Clit’s favourite tattoo is not one of his. We once met a girl who had, on her ankle, a cock ejaculating onto the word ‘punx’. The best. No question.

12. For Terence Trent D’Barndance: Have you managed to convince the Olympic Comittee to agree to do a special Chair Surfing event for you and your mates?

No. We are boycotting the Olympics. Due to this fact. We will however be holding our own Hick Olympics. Featuring chair surfing, roadkill collecting and pig swill swimming events. Among others.

Opening ceremony at the Hick Olympics. Art: Glenn Miller.

Thank you! would like to thank Leki, Rob and Epic Morecambe for their help. You can download ‘Heavens Below’ for free at Wet Nuns’ website. 

Words: Sam J. Valdés López

Illustrations: Glenn Miller Montoya

Wet Nuns WebsiteBlawg BlogTwitterSoundcloudFacebookNuthin’.

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