Interview: Acidandali

Noise Rock and Experimental Rock. For years, it seemed like an errand’s fool to start a band in these genres. At least in the Mexico City scene, both seemed like the refuge of freaks and gear geeks, with many a band’s future lost inside dank garages and isolated practice rooms. But the passage of time not only brings wrinkles and a few interesting scars. It also brought … Continue reading Interview: Acidandali

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Tea with Jim Ghedi – an interview…


I arrived to find Jim Ghedi re-stringing his beloved acoustic guitar. Talk Talk’s Spirit of Eden was spinning on the turntable in the corner.

Tea, Bro?” he asks. Continue reading “Tea with Jim Ghedi – an interview…”

Interview – The Eastern Sea

Source: The Eastern Sea.

So, last year, after buying a membership to Daytrotter, I haphazardly ran into this band, The Eastern Sea. I clicked on their session and after a couple of tracks, ‘The Match’ grabbed my entangled heartstrings and left them like a boondoggle. ‘The Snow’ finished the trick and I was one of the converted. I reviewed their album Plague (review) and managed to get lead singer Matt Hines to agree to an email interview.

Here we go:

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Interview – Yokozuna

Source: Yokozuna's Facebook.
Source: Yokozuna’s Facebook.

Exactly a month ago, I had the pleasure of reviewing Yokozuna’s rather excellent Quiero Venganza. I quite enjoyed the album and got in contact with Arturo & Antonio Tranquilino, the brothers who make up this band. Quick email exchange and away the questions went, which got answered in less than 24 hours.

Never be said us Mexicans are lazy. Now, for something completely different: Continue reading “Interview – Yokozuna”

Interview – Joe Volume

Back in September, we reviewed the album Lonesome water, lonely sea by Joe Volume, who we’ve been following for a while (both on twitter and music terms). The last few months seemed to have been a rollercoaster in the life of this musician and we wanted to drop him a couple of questions by email. Without any further ado, this is how it went down:

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Interview – Mooi

Somewhere in México City‘s Roma Colony, where the trendy hipster and the reasonable good cross paths, I meet Renee, the singer (and creator) of Mooi. The weather is cloudy (lovely Mexican Summer…) and she invites me to come in. A lil’ whine behind a door reveals that Renee has an extremely loveable dog called Mia. With one hand scribbling in a well-worn notebook and the other petting Mia ( becoming her new chewing toy in the process), we talk about music, paintings and the universe… Continue reading “Interview – Mooi”

Interview – Hawk Eyes

A long while ago, there was this band called Chickenhawk that made ace music. Then it changed name, designated themselves Hawk Eyes and continued to do ace music. Then they released an EP called Mindhammers. Twas good. Less than 6 months later, they deploy a tactical nuclear riffage called Ideas , which still gets regularly played here at the office (i.e. a basement in México with a branch in Sheffield).

We managed to get Rob (sweet riffs, guitar) for a quick Q & A by email:  Continue reading “Interview – Hawk Eyes”

Interview: Dinosaurs are shit dragons

Dinosaurs are shit dragons (Source: Band’s Facebook)

Hey, what the actual frijoles? I like dinosaurs, you bastards! We’ll let it slide because their EP is noisy and funny (link), and also because, let’s face it, you want a Gold Dragon (+5 in roll against disintegration) against a crappy Stegosaurus (-10 in all saving rolls. cowards). The side project for several members of Goonies Never Say Die (an awesome post-rock, spacey band!), Dinosaurs are shit dragons are quite the jam. Can’t wait to see them live one day.  Continue reading “Interview: Dinosaurs are shit dragons”