Shield Your Eyes – IV

The Volume 4 by Shield Your Eyes gives us a magical atmosphere, with mixed emotions such as depression, anger and relaxation; and a kind of grunge guitars united to a punk voice. This husky and hoarse voice, something that in Spanish we call “aguardientosa” (referring to a voice similar to the one of a person that drinks “aguardiente” – a very strong alcoholic beverage that contains between 29% and 60% alcohol by volume) is a special factor in this album. So I would say this kind of voice was telling my ear about anxiety, about distress, however there is also talking about calm and relaxing vibes.

The sweet guitar riffs combined with the strong bass patterns (present in all the songs) make the album and its contents real pieces of art. This time I don’t even try or dare to categorize the music into any kind of genre, it’s just what it is: Volume 4.

With feelings going from sadness to happiness_and no, I’m not talking about bipolarity but about the progression of life as it is, the album is a fantastic way to relax or a way towards introspection.

I noticed that there is an instrumental part in each song, it’s not exactly a bridge but it could be considered in that way, or could be also reckoned as a guitar solo. Whatever it is, this instrumental section in each of the songs was my favorite of all. I was able to identify playful guitar riffs, intense, communicative or expressive, melodic, artistic, talented and of course well performed solos when they appeared. The thing that creates a complete and complex song but at the same time a song that you can listen to in the best an easy way as possible.

This last week was a little bit stressful and difficult for me but this album, which I’ve been listening to every single night, has been giving me hope, helping me to find that little sparkle inside of me which is the beginning of a better path or at least the idea of a better path.

A unique album with a very characteristic style, different from anything I’d listened before. This is the kind of album that you want to talk about, you want to persuade everyone to listen to it. Maybe it’s not an album that you would listen in a crazy party, but definitely is the album that you will listen to when you are with close friends, talking about the purpose of life, or when you are making love with your significant other, not just sex; because I think of the album as a bond or link between feelings and thoughts and the best part is that Volume 4 isn’t a corny album at all.

Words: LalaUsagi.

Shield your eyes Website. Facebook.

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