“Forget it Nick, it’s Sandford”

Model Village – EP

So, the lovely bunch/troupe/cult that is Model Village went and did a gig at Indietracks. Much fun was had, although I wasn’t there as I’m barred from anything Indie Pop since that incident with cardboard and tin foil robots.

Oh, well. Anyhoo, this lovely indie pop band has now released a miniCD, filled to its tiny, minuscule grooves (factoid: the separation between tracks in a cd is 1.6 micrometers) with mostly happy songs. Mostly.

In fact, the Model Village EP could work as a 10″ single. One side is reassuringly happy and peppy, full of “pah pah pah!” vocalising to get you going and a fantastic rhythm. ‘2003’, the opening track, is like those fizzy candies that sound like your insides are going to explode like the shark (Bruce!) in Jaws. ‘Bouncers’ is Model Village getting their rock groove on, with a very delicate distortion (you reckon they were a wee nesh to even stomp on it) and a catchy rhythm. Hummable little track, but I hope it doesn’t refer to a couple of bouncers jumping over  a field, as that would send me into a flashback of a very bad experience back in Mexico.

Speaking of flashbacks and unnecessary information, the two other tracks (I swear this could work as a 10″) are more in the downbeat side of the Indie twee spectrum. ‘Tiny hands’ features a very solemn fingerpicking and a lovely female voice. The song does change rhythm, though, getting into a jazzy bit that makes it classier. Easy my fave of the four songs. That doesn’t imply that ‘Sweets’, the last song, isn’t good. It also starts on a sulky lane, but then it signals (it’s well-mannered) and changes into a rocky lane, where more instruments join and although it is a moody one, you get a wry grin by the end. The song just screams “album closer” and lives up to its name. You can even imagine the needle going into the groove (or you could add it in Audacity if you’re technically inclined… I just did).

The cover is handmade, adding an extra “hug” factor to the music being provided. The album cover seems to be missing Playmobil figures this time, though, but that’s just me nitpicking. Playmobil > Lego. Yeah, I said it. Good EP by this Cambridge/London (via twee) supergroup.

Words: Sam

This EP is out on Towed by the Ghost Records (CD/Download).

Links Facebook. Bandcamp.

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