Singles: Gaoler’s Daughter, Afghan Raiders, Pisco Sour Hour, Matt Kim Andrew WK Soulja Boy, The Payroll Union

Greetings, readers drinking discount Kombucha mushroom tea (SUGAR!) and sneaking a looksie at Nardwuar (he rules) while the boss is listening to Adele (aka the music equivalent of Bridget Jones). Welcome to another edition of our “off again, off again, hey it’s on again!” single reviews column.

This week’s singles come courtesy of KISS getting snubbed from the final line-up for the Michael Jackson tribute. Now, that’s weird. It’s already a cash grab, why snub the masters of the sell-out?

Ah, singles, right:

Gaoler’s Daughter – St. Peter 

This dancey indie tune, dropping out in September 26, is the lead single of Gaoler’s Daughter new album (which comes out in late 2011). A slight change from the previous output from the band, it’s a taste of things to come. Slightly dark and brooding in atmosphere, it’s a catchy one. Gotta love the drum crescendo. Quinto

Pisco Sour Hour – Bang

A new one from this Sheffield/Leeds quartet of veterans! ‘Bang’ finds the band on some groovy territories (all about that saxophone attack). As you can gather from the sound, it’s a bit noire-film novel, a bit 70’s 52nd street. The instrumental break, with that lonely synth overpowering until the end, is great and full of melancholy. Miss seeing them at The Grapes, that’s a given. Hopefully they’ll do some more shows (and tunes) soon. Sam

Afghan Raiders – If Only

Some more dancey stuff for you from these guys who have currently being appearing in a couple of UK festivals. Their rock and roll attitudes shows in their alt-electro songs and ‘If only’ sure keeps a fast beat, like getting Tron out for a couple of happy pills and disco biscuits. Orestes. 

The Payroll Union – General James Wolfe 

The new song by The Payroll Union is full of that Americana sound that made me raise an eyebrow and sit down to listen to their catchy ditties full of history tidbits, lamentations and thick atmospheres.

‘General James Wolfe’ seems to follow the events of James Wolfe, who participated in the fight at ‘St. Lawrence River’, referenced in their previous EP. With a dark refrain talking about “typhus” and “malaria” (two diseases that decimated one of Wolfe’s father batallion at Cartagena), the song is definitely dark. A stark, rocking sample of their new EP, Your obedient servant (out September 19 on cd, 12 on digital). You can download it from their website (in exchange of your email). Sam

Matt and Kim, Andrew WK and Soulja Boy – I’m a goner

What’s this, a centre for ants?!?!?! After the few first seconds of whatthefuckery (via ¿qué pedo con estos?), you kind of get the groove of this track and what it is: The ‘USA for Africa’ for the Broadband Baby generation. It’s catchy, though, and there’s no Bruce Springsteen singing like somebody stomped on his corns. The video is cool and icky, but proof that Andrew WK is our Lord and Saviour (and the reincarnation of Mugatu). This is a good collaboration, not like that (expletive deleted) Bon Iver and James Blake chalk and cheese of a song. Orestes

What’s this, a rave party at Sloucher? A few negative comments? Ah, it’s that sort of week, hatorade and disco biscuits and no wagon wheels. Kind of.  Ah, until next time, I’m Orestes Xistos and I rule this dump. See ya and kisses and (((sholay))) (((hugs))). I just wrote that to piss off Onslaught. 


Gaoler’s Daughter WebsiteFacebookMyspaceTwitter.

Afghan Raiders Facebook. Website. Twitter. Youtube. Myspace.

Pisco Sour Hour

The Payroll Union Website. Facebook.Twitter.

Matt and Kim Facebook. Twitter. Website. Myspace.

Soulja Boy Facebook. Website. Twitter.

Andrew WK Facebook. Website. Twitter.

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