Review: New Ghost – New Ghost Orchestra

Depression takes everything from you. It’s a savage, intangible beast that follows you everywhere. It makes food taste the same. It paints life through a grey palette. Days lose their identity. You become numb to outside stimuli and time fritters away. You can never escape depression. It will stay with you forever. Therapy, a cornucopia of pills, group sessions, the latest herbal panacea, they only … Continue reading Review: New Ghost – New Ghost Orchestra

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Stream: Firesuite – Edge of the Earth

Sheffield‘s Firesuite have been steadfastly providing spacey shoegaze/post hardcore music for a few years now and we’ve been eagerly waiting for new material. So we are pretty happy to bring you the brand new Firesuite single, ‘Edge of the Earth’, from their upcoming album, Outlive your body, which drops later this year. ‘Edge of the Earth’ was recorded at Old Pig Farm Studios in the … Continue reading Stream: Firesuite – Edge of the Earth

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Premiere: Echodrone – Octopussy

I’m pretty sure there’s a tablet with commandments for this Shithole of a Website (TM) called Sloucher where we admit loving Shoegaze. The same tablet also confesses our love for John Hughes films and a love of cover versions, as they bring a whole new layer to a song we love and cherish. Echodrone has fantastic songs of their own and have previously dabbled into cover songs … Continue reading Premiere: Echodrone – Octopussy

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Interview – Echodrone

Source: Echodrone’s Bandcamp.

It’s no secret that Shoegaze is a very much loved genre in this Shithole of a Website (TM) called Sloucher. Is it the inherent dreaminess of the sounds? Is it the sometimes whispered vocals? Is it the slight scary undertones of some songs? Whatever it is, our goose pimples are on the draw and all hairs on the back of our neck are ready to stand whenever those reverb & echo drenched notes arrive.

And for the cornucopia of bands we’ve found that do the genre, Echodrone is simply one of the best we’ve encountered. A serendipitous email and some very late reviews later and we’ve found the essence of the band still lingering in the halls of this joint.

So, an interview was not only a necessity, but a privilege. We got in touch with the band and Meredith Gibbons (vocals), Brandon Dudley (bass) and Eugene Suh (vocals, guitars) were kind enough to take our questions.

Continue reading “Interview – Echodrone”

Medicine – To The Happy Few


It’s been eighteen years since Los Angeles based Medicine released new material, and over twenty since the original line up all played together. So, with psychedelia infused grunge, shoegaze melodies and a love for guitars with extra distortion, let’s see what Medicine have produced in their latest offering, the long player To the Happy Few. Continue reading “Medicine – To The Happy Few”

Review & Short Story : Ummagma – Antigravity

I really don’t like the smell of Drakkar Noir, or any perfume at all, but Mom insisted I wore some for this party that the nuns organised at school. “It will do you good to go out of the house and see your friends”, Mom said. Continue reading “Review & Short Story : Ummagma – Antigravity”