A night at Mojos

Last night was beautiful. I haven’t been to a show this good in a while and i missed being able to stay until the end without getting bored. Mojos in Ogden, Utah is like being in that cool art loft you wished you could live at.

With comfy couches, strange art and a collection of dangling Christmas lights the crazy lady down the street would be envious of, I felt right at home. The bands filed in stashing their gear like a life sized Tetris game and fans waited outside anxious to get in from the cold.

Blackhounds came onto stage and started out with a bang. The singers raspy, southful voice made every song sound like a serenade. A perfect blend of country and rock n roll beats made me want to grab the nearest stranger and do a little rock n roll waltz but I had a feeling the lanky guy next to me didn’t know the first thing about waltzing. See a glimpse of the Blackhounds in their video for ‘Caught red handed’ on Youtube here.

The Scenic– It’s refreshing to see a singer dance on stage recklessly instead of standing there holding a mic. Nothing says ‘I love performing’ quite like a little hip action. With catchy songs, great musical talent and incredibly attractive members this band is destined for stardom. How I haven’t heard of them before is beyond me as I usually obsess over anything I can both dance and fight to. The singers presence made their whole set positively captivating and I must admit I have some serious hair envy.

The Graduate– Beautiful, harmonic melodies and heartfelt songs ; this band lulled me into a romantic waking daydream. Rarely do I feel butterflies when listening to a band play but I couldn’t help but feel like I was witnessing magic. With a highly anticipated album out its no wonder this band is getting a lot of buzz online. Check out their official video and more about their tour on their facebook.

Sparks the rescue– Equally terrifying and awe inspiring mic acrobatics made it impossible to look away. With amazing guitar riffs and “throw your hands in the air” danceability, Sparks the rescue is a sure thing. Even with technical difficulties this band wooed the crowd and kept us dancing. It’s obvious this band loves to play together and they do it so effortlessly. Check out a sample of their newest song on Youtube here.

Dangerous summer– Oh, Dangerous summer, how you’ve won my heart over. Within the first few moment of their set I was smitten. Their musical prowess is unmatched and with vocals as smooth as butter there is nothing stopping this band. With years of experience and a loyal following this band is sure to be everywhere you look soon. Check out their new song ‘Good things’ here. Keep up with their tour on their facebook, be sure to catch them on Warped Tour this summer and keep an eye out for their sophomore album.

Be sure to check out all the bands and stop by one of their shows when they come through your town. Support your local venues, come with enthusiasm, dance your heart out and watch your community grow. Were in this together for the benefit of all.


Editor’s note: Yes! Go local and find out about your local bands! Support your local scene too!

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