Spring of discontent

Wild Palms – Until Spring

The Skinny: Lo-fitastic and reverberated.

The Review proper: Contrary to popular belief, this isn’t stadium rock…

Stream – ‘Caretaker’

We’ve reviewed this band before when they released their single ‘Draw in the light’ / ‘To the lighthouse’. Their sound, moving from a post punk rock to a spot of reverberation (post rock style) is fodder for finger-drummers and foot-tappers everywhere. ‘Draw in the light’ is a very good album opener, defining the sound, spacey and dreamy. What you read in the tin is what you’ll get.

‘Pale fire’ is a track that really got my attention from the get-go, starting pretty gloomy but then soaring for a bit, with cool keyboard/synth outro. ‘LHC’ starts a little similar, maybe a bit too much for my taste, but then it explodes, so repetition was a build up all along. Reverb kicked 2/3 of the way out and doesn’t let go ’til the end, like the organ of a church still lingering in the distance while the voices praying at matins are solemnly soldiering on.

There’s something strange in the way Wild Palms sound in Until Spring. Comparing to other bands is a big no-no for me, but somehow, this record’s sound (not the band, but how it’s recorded/mixed) make me think about The Sundays’ Blind (again, not comparing style/lyrics/etc). There seems to be some distance between band and listener. Some songs benefit from this, like ‘Pale fire’, some lose a bit of steam, like ‘Delight in temptation’, which starts promising and continues to be good, it just feels like it could be even more explosive (although it might be a very subtle conflagration).

Again, nothing against the band’s musical talent, and even if I just said ‘Delight in temptation’ loses some steam, I really like the song and it’s probably a great live moment (that drum/guitar bridge – yeah!). The build up moments are sweet too and the chorus is catchy.

The moments where the band really rocks it out are several. ‘Caretaker’ is easily one of the best tracks from Until spring, with that very noisy intro. Strangely enough, the mixing/producing here elevates the track, so maybe it’s more of nitpick than any real problem with the album.

Check it if you like your stuff subtle and 50% gloomy, 50% post punk with an extra dash of reverb.


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