30 days, 30 bands – #26 Dead Sons

“I described you to my friends in Mexico as Apocalyptic desert rock“ “We’re alright with that!” -2008- “It’s a shame you weren’t around before, fella” he said, before taking a gulp of Kopparberg, “you could’ve seen Milburn‘s last ever gig“. “When was this?” I ask to the guy whose name I never quite got. The River Don shines gold in a rare sunny October day. … Continue reading 30 days, 30 bands – #26 Dead Sons

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Vitality & Magnetism

Live Review: Hey Sholay, Supported by The Book Club, & Seize the Chair @ The Forum 09.02.11

I’ll dispense with the boring introduction.

First up is Sheffield-based band Seize The Chair, who play an enjoyable brand of chugging geek rock with a distinctly British feel. With a swift drummer, some distortion (talk to Sam about this, he’s the expert) and a really fun, riotous frontman, Seize the Chair got the crowd suitably warmed up and slopping beer down themselves – always a good sign.
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