Paving Stones – Wot Gorilla?

Paving Stones is our brand new column where we talk about new bands and artists we find (or they find us). Check it every week, with a free mp3 included! You can submit stuff too, if you want to.

Wot Gorilla?

From the picturesque (allegedly) town of Halifax come these lads, who dabble into a strange mixture of math rock with… more math rock! There a few slow moments here and there, but they do like their own trade and it shows in their wares.

With two cool EPs under their quite able arms, Wot Gorilla? are a great band to see live (cheap plug – review) and hopefully they’ll drop an album on us in the not too far future. In the meantime, you can have ‘Fear of flying’ from their newest EP, New Arrival.



Wot Gorilla?

Website. Bandcamp. Myspace. Twitter. Facebook.

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