Paving Stones : Pete David & The Payroll Union

Paving Stones is our brand new column where we talk about new bands and artists we find (or they find us). Check it every week, with a free mp3 included! You can submit stuff too, if you want to.

Pete David & The Payroll Union

Sheffield-based Pete David & The Payroll Union are an outfit dedicated to classic country with added alt-country, for your rocking pleasure. They met in 2006, somewhere in the open range that is the Lescar and its surrounding hills (with lovely free grazing cows) the band met slowly but surely, like a good ol’ band of bandidos cuatreros, slowly picking up members over time.

They have been offering a free song each month for a limited time and this month it’s the turn of ‘Richmond Town’, where a playful harmonica invites you to do a few moves in your local barnyard (or The Broomhall Centre, this 19th of February).

Check this one out, courtesy of the lovely fellas from the band. There’s more stuff in the links provided.

Pete David & The Payroll Union – Richmond Town


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