A hoedown for the people II – Electric Hayaloo

On the Payroll – Hoedown for the people. Featuring Odd Todd, Kentucky Cow Tippers and Pete David & The Payroll Union.

“Apparently some millionaires who live in England are having a kickabout with some millionaires from Spain. I’m on the edge of my seat… about to turn the telly off cos I fucking hate football”- Russ Palmer on that fateful Saturday.

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White Lion’s Rustlers

Local peddlers of fine country and Americana Pete David & The Payroll Union (one heckuva name for a band) have just (okay, a fortnight ago) released their six song EP, Underfed and Underpaid (another heckuva name!) with an impressive 2 set gig.

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Pete David & The Payroll Union’s Hoedown @Broomhall Community Centre.

with support from The Biddy Fiddlers, Low Duo and Dan Haywood’s New Hawks.

It was a cold, damp Saturday. The snow that flurried in the morning was now a wet mess in the streets and the cold British winter was on its last throes.

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Paving Stones : Pete David & The Payroll Union

Paving Stones is our brand new column where we talk about new bands and artists we find (or they find us). Check it every week, with a free mp3 included! You can submit stuff too, if you want to.

Pete David & The Payroll Union

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