Review: The Whiskey Priest – Mean Spirit

Three years. A lifetime for a band. An eternity for a relationship (or a break up). Or, less pretentiously, 36 months. This is the amount of time we’ve been deprived of new music from Seth Woods in his The Whiskey Priest persona. The wait has been long, just like the one before the banquet is served at a family reunion. In an ideal world, family … Continue reading Review: The Whiskey Priest – Mean Spirit

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Ryan Adams @ Sheffield City Hall

Mr. Cat. Shamelessly stolen from Ryan Adams’ twitter.

An eventful Friday meant that the opening act was missed. Eventful in a not very happy way, but that’s life. The long week of rain wasn’t helping. Still, time to see a musician I’ve waited ages to see live (c’mon, drop by México!) Continue reading “Ryan Adams @ Sheffield City Hall”

Paving Stones : Pete David & The Payroll Union

Paving Stones is our brand new column where we talk about new bands and artists we find (or they find us). Check it every week, with a free mp3 included! You can submit stuff too, if you want to.

Pete David & The Payroll Union

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Radio friendly Americana

Dust on the Breakers – American Reclamation

The skinny: Music as a landscape.

The review proper: Imagine an Autumn sunset. The skies are turning mauve and purple. There’s a few shades of red and orange by the departing Sun. And you’re on your way home to your loved ones (in my case, a laptop).

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