Interview – Un Mexicano Enojado

Un Mexicano Enojado is a band from Mexico, and frankly, they are quite angry. Their music (c’mon, click on the stream!) is a mix of rock and electronic, tribal rhythms. This is Un Mexicano Enojado (An Angry Mexican) speaking to me, a Mexican exiled in the UK. These are their words to the us.

1.- Hi, Un Mexicano Enojado, tell us about the history of your band

We were born out of life’s serendipity, from two bands who broke up at the same time. Four friends that wanted to follow the path of music. The parts joined together and so was born Un Mexicano Enojado.

2.- Why are you angry?

The answer would be “why not?”. For starters, on a personal level, because as humans we do wrong and we sabotage ourselves. Because we sometimes aren’t humble enough to accept what is and let go or let be.

That’s grounds for anger. And don’t get me started on what’s going out there, turn on the tv, see the news, all lies, go out to the city, see the chaos, try to say what you think, see all the gags they will put on you if you get out of line. Why, I ask, not be angry?

3.- Your music combines Rock with electronic sequences. What’s your weapon of choice for programming?

We use rhythm boxes, from a 10 year old Groove Box to Reason, also keyboards and whatever noisemaker we can require.

4.- I had the pleasure of meeting Roman (drums, sequences) and I know he’s a big fan of Aphex Twin, Atari Teenage Riot and Deftones. Could you mention a few of your influences?

Everything is an influence. All four of us love good music and good music is all around us, from a good Cuban salsa to a pounding metal song, stopping by blues, swing, drum and bass, electro, drum and bass, dark, Ranchera. It’s an astounding mix of sounds.

5.- How was your experience in Vive Latino (one of Mexico’s most famous festival)?

It was incredible, one of the most asskicking experiences of our lives. The fear it induced, the responsibility of giving your best, the humdrum of being with “the big ones”, the partying, the smell and taste of each and every one of the details that comes with being in a stage as big as that one.

The event was quite good, we had a lot of audience, even for an opening band, as there was some buzz going around, so we did well.

Later, with a brew in hand, the organizers told us that there were more people than they expected for the time slot we had assigned, so it’s a small extra that feeds your ego. Amazing.

6.- What side effects (so to speak) did your slot in Vive Latino brought? Was it good or detrimental?

It was good in a way that it opens the door to several new venues, it’s CV worthy, so you pass from the rest to the best.

On the other hand, there will always be the ones who think you are not worthy to be there, some envy too. In the end, the opportunity was ours and things were like that, just go with the flow and keep working in it.

7.- Last year you mentioned the possibility of a 4 track EP, when can we expect that one to drop?

That EP has been a little troublesome. On the subject of the last question, the EP brought a lot of pressure regarding the name, specially into what people expected from us. We lost all patience and it didn’t come out as we wanted it to be. It was a lesson to us, a reminder of why we are together as Un Mexicano Enojado, a pure expression without pretension, an exit to who we are and what we are living, a window which anybody who wants can peer through and if they like what they see, why not knock on the door and join us?

This is why we are and not what people want us to say, we can’t pretend to be something we haven’t lived through or felt. We are only four human being with a few musical virtues, four mouths with brains that won’t censor what they feel.

8.- Last April you kindly donated ‘Abuso de autoridad’ (‘Abuse of power’) to and we will always thank you for that. What made you cover this song by El Tri and giving it your own signature?

The utter stupidity with which our country is being run to the ground. We think that song tells it like it is. El Tri also represents that issue of not shutting up and complaining about those running the country to the ground. They [El Tri] give hope to every fucker going to their gigs or that listens to their music. We are fans!

9.- For our readers who don’t live in Mexico, could you tell us a bit about your lyrics?

Straight out of the bat and on a personal level, it’s about how our own demons attack us and try to sabotage our effort to live life to the fullest, about how that feeling that seems to be love is just routine and loneliness, of how a vice can destroy what you believe without you noticing it, of ego and how we can believe that we are better that our peers, of egotism and how it can destroy you and your loved ones, of vicious rats that kill for just another hit, of sad events like the death of a loved one because of someone who had “one last drink”.

Above all, because our anger is not about yelling shit in a mob like misguided sheep, it goes more into the hearts of each individual and how that person can change his surroundings, creating a real, tangible change, in themselves, the ones around him/her, his block and, hopefully, to the final end. And if it comes to a few punches being exchanged, may they know that we are ready for that and more.

10.- How’s the current Rock scene in Mexico? Any band you recommend?

Mmm, that’s a little complicated, everyone is just minding their own business, it’s like a Cul de Sac, with a thousand dudes trying to “make it”, stabbing each other and sabotaging.

There’s a little alley that takes you to the other side, but you have to sell your soul to the Devil to cross it, you drop your beliefs and live a borrowed life, with perks and maybe some money, but no dignity.

And then there’s the long road, that goes around all that. It might take all your life, but the challenges and rewards that make you know yourself and be at peace with yourself, well, that’s the path that Un Mexicano Enojado wants to do.

Muchas Gracias

Thank you, Un Mexicano Enojado. Hope to meet you on that path.


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