Tripping the lucid light fantastic

The Lucid Dream – In your Eyes (EP)

The Skinny: Less lo-fi. Still noisy.

The review proper: The lads got a reverb and a vibrato pedal and are not afraid to use it. Swear to God, all that acid done in the 60s found its way into the water supply and after a few years of filtration, it’s coming back into our supplies, like all that bottled water that got filtered through eons in the limestone faults in the Peak District.

In layman’s terms, In your eyes is another trippy album by those psychodelic raconteurs, The Lucid Dream. Way more polished than their previous effort (the lo-fi and shoegazey Erbistock Mill EP), In your eyes is another dose of psychedelia.

Four songs. One of them a backwards version of the other (‘In your eyes’, meet your evil twin ‘seye rouy ni’), bookending this very spacey (and snappy) EP. The yin yang combination of two is pretty cool, although ‘seye rouy ni’ might feel a little hard to digest if you’re not into strange stuff. ‘In your eyes’ is a good choice for an album opener, though.

‘Glue”s pace is neckbreaking. The bass and drums are pounding all the time while the guitars make an unsettling atmosphere (reverb plus a very fast tremolo) that goes for a full trip. Easily the best track of the EP (and it says it has been recorded live, you can feel the vibe in it).

Still on a very fast beat, perhaps a little slower, is ‘A mind at ease it’s a mind at play’. Equally spacey , with a frantic bass that’s not too buried in the back, just bidding its time like a wolf. It’s the siamese brother of ‘Glue’ and it’s another live recording, so you know their shows have to be frantic.

The EP finishes with ‘seye rouy ni’, and, as previously stated, it’s ‘in your eyes’ backwards, so it depends more about how you like this little experiment. If you have the thing in repeat, it crossfades brilliantly.



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