Various Artists – Boardwalk Empire Vol. 2


Funny thing, soundtracks. The words “Inspired by” sometimes instill the suspicion that the tracks contained in a soundtrack are more a label’s sampler than a cohesive piece that complements (and sometimes obscures) a television show, a miniseries or a film. Many soundtracks that I’ve bought had some great tracks and a lot of filler (mostly comic book film related soundtracks from the early 2000s.) Now, there are soundtracks that help quite a powerful scene sink in your conscience, like the very select few tracks that made it into Shawn Ryan‘s The Shield (one of the finest tv shows we’ve had, I might add.) Selected songs that fitted perfectly the mood and intentions of people on screen, like Grant Lee Buffalo‘s ‘Demon Called Deception’ or Live‘s ‘Overcome’ in poignant scenes.

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Hey Sholay – ((O))

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Interview – Dennis Hopper Choppers

Source : Dennis Hopper Choppers Facebook.

Where were you when the nameless stranger in a black guayabera shirt came into town and saved us from the rustlers? Where where you when he rode into the horizon, his silhouette vanishing into the horizon like a Fata Morgana?

Maybe you were drinking some pozol, maybe you were worried about that aces & eights hand you were dealt. Whatever happened, we found that lonesome stranger with the gravelly voice and the cinematic music. His name is Ben Nicholls, but prefers Dennis Hopper Choppers.

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