A night at The Grapes is always intense…

Repo Men + Dr. Robeatnik + Cats:for:Peru @ The Grapes

The poster read “Pisco presents Sugar Rush”. And the inside smell sweet. Sickly sweet. Candy. Lots of candy. Gingerbread men, balloons, fake jars on stage and a frickload of free candies. That was the scene at the Grapes, your number one room for intense shows.

And that was exactly the best description for Repo Men‘s chaotic set. It was intense. But then again, the life of a repo men is always intense. You could ponder if “Stella” is about a girl they fancied or if it’s about the beer. It could also be about a plate of shrimp. Or a plate. Or just a shrimp. Or the pecan pies in the back of a Cadillac El Dorado.

Would it be fair to say that it was because of a lattice of coincidence that the band decided to half trash the stage and mingle with the public? A good set and I hope they go and commit some crimes. Like eating sushi and not paying for it.

Then it was the turn for Dr. Robeatnik. Armed with only a guitar sporting some gaffer tape and a Boss loop station, he proceeded to do some serious live sampling, sometimes using his guitar as a makeshift beatbox. The music was complex and strangely hypnotic and somehow managed to pack the place for a while.

Cats:for:Peru took the stage, their first time in a 3 month drought. Starting the set was the nightmare-in-a-8bit-carnival like “Poindexter”, one of several new songs being road tested on the night. In fact, only 2 songs from their album “Attack of the Pitching Machine” were played (the excellent “Manifesto” and the thunderous “Love in a lift”) and all I can say about the new songs is “please, sir, can I have some more? And now?”.

While the whole band seemed to be just fine, it was Ad Follet’s gear who seemed to be jinxed, as his pedals conspired against him. Joining in this sinister instrument revolt (groan) was the keyboard and the stand. Still, he worked with it, not against it. Besides, he got a free jelly baby for his troubles and sometimes, life’s like that: your instruments work against you, but there’s always a (silver) jelly baby lining. (Misky, please fire this guy – Q)

The new songs sounded great, with two special mentions: “Fear of better things” and “Open house”. Here’s hoping for the next batch of songs to be released. Except “I am the O”. That’s a scary one, but like the back of a Cadillac you shouldn’t be opening, it’s strangely attractive.


About the author: The more you drive, the less intelligent you are.

If this concert were a David Bowie song it would be: Pablo Picasso.



Repo Men
Dr. Robeatnik

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