Reseña: Weezer – Weezer (the white album)

El futuro está ocurriendo ayer récords presenta:   Todos lo hicimos. El experimento de pintar un disco de cartulina con diferentes segmentos de colores, perforar un par de agujeros y hacer pasar un hilo de cáñamo a través de ellos para crear un sencillo sistema rotativo que al girar nos mostrara mágicamente el resultante color blanco. Menciono lo anterior porque me parece que es exactamente … Continue reading Reseña: Weezer – Weezer (the white album)

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Corona Clay-pital : a survivor’s tale

4 hours. How can a flight be delayed for almost 4 hours? #FuckVolaris and #VolarisdeMierda indeed. Anyways, a late flight became a red-eye flight but after 2 years I finally met again with Janine Doe Jr., who came to this smog cappuccino we call Mexico City to catch Massive Attack and Weezer. On the same late plane was TV’s Alan Tacher. His typical knowing smile, … Continue reading Corona Clay-pital : a survivor’s tale

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Sobre como me encontré (con @RiversCuomo cantando ‘¿Quién como tú?’ de Ana Gabriel)

Esta es una reseña doble. Por un lado, un ensayo sobre el más reciente material discografico de Rivers Cuomo & Co. (a.k.a Weezer): Everything Will be Alright in the End” (#EWBAITE, para más corto). Por el otro, una narración sobre lo vivido en su presentación en la Ciudad de México como parte del festival Corona Capital 2014 (a.k.a. Corona Lodazal). El lanzamiento del nuevo disco … Continue reading Sobre como me encontré (con @RiversCuomo cantando ‘¿Quién como tú?’ de Ana Gabriel)

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The night Weezer scorched Bradley Arena

Weezer @ Bradley Arena /Peoria, Illinois USA

Peoria is an important but little known town in the state of Illinois. It’s the birthplace of the multifaceted industrial giant known as Caterpillar and is considered as the best representation of the demographical standard (!) of the USA. In layman terms, if something works in Peoria, it works in the rest of the States.

The musical scene in Peoria is basically null, limited to a massive following of cover bands in bars. Hardly a star stops in these lands, which makes me ponder about that whole “works in Peoria” thing I just said. Would all bands want to come around here, play and pass the test?

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A brief tutorial on Weezer (pt 1) – Nerdgazing

by Homo Rodans Welcome, to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Weezer, dear readers. Are Weezer geek rock geniuses or just the greatest American music machinery ever assembled? That’s the kind of questions that I won’t dare to answer for you on this little guide through the Weezer discography, and yet, I think I have done so already. Ok, so my Editors (Misky and Quinto) noticed that I was … Continue reading A brief tutorial on Weezer (pt 1) – Nerdgazing

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