A brief tutorial on Weezer (pt 1) – Nerdgazing

by Homo Rodans

Welcome, to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to Weezer, dear readers. Are Weezer geek rock geniuses or just the greatest American music machinery ever assembled? That’s the kind of questions that I won’t dare to answer for you on this little guide through the Weezer discography, and yet, I think I have done so already.

Ok, so my Editors (Misky and Quinto) noticed that I was very much into this “Hurray-for-Weezer” type of mood and took advantage of that, asking me “if I could write a short review of each and every Weezer album published as of today”.

Since I have listened to all those albums, (plus b-sides, rarities and such) for about the last 15 years, I kindly and gladly accepted the challenge.

To add a little bit of my own nerdiness, this is what I decided to do: during the next days I’ll be listening at full every Rivers Cuomo and Co. recording, and then write my thoughts as they appear into my mind.

By doing so, I will put myself into a complete non-biased state of conciousness that will let my real feelings about each album flow (yeah, right, good luck with that, Rodans)

So, with no further ado, brain-cells here we go!

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009: WEEZER a.k.a. “The Blue album”

High school. Lots of distorted guitars. Emotional singing. Falsettos galore. Dogs running in a blue background with the band playing joyfully. ‘Say it ain’t so’ has one of the greatest guitar solos I have ever heard. The 10 songs in the album are amazingly well crafted. 50’s ambience, burgers and milkshakes. The sea is foaming like a bottle of beer. Can’t stop thinking about Star Wars.

Rivers Cuomo’s voice is so powerful; yet tiny. Vocal emotion. Drum crescendos. Melody makers. Rick Ocasek. I don’t like the quasi-rap bridge in ‘Buddy Holly’, but no doubt it is contagious and the guitar solo is simply elegant. ‘Only in dreams’ has a hypnotic bass line. ‘Holiday’ is the mother of all love songs. I will definitely bring this album with me to a desert island…for dessert (after hunting/cooking/eating boars).

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009: “Pinkerton”

“You are / 18 year old girl / who lives in a small city in Japan” The smell of the two pages booklet is intoxicating. Madame Butterfly. Isolla della Farfalla. More high-school flashbacks. The rawness of the musical production makes this album strong with the force. ‘El Scorcho’ and ‘The good life’ make me happy every single time I listen to them. I can’t still figure out how the lesbian girl of ‘Pink Triangle’ might look like.

‘Why bother?’ used to be my anthem for so loooooooooooooooooooooooong. I remember my Mom cooking ‘Butterfly’ inspired pancakes (she really liked that song). Shorter in play length than “The Blue Album”, but stronger, beefier. The second and last with Matt Sharp on the band. “I just threw out the love of my dreams” is the best b-side in the history of modern rock (take that ‘Yellow Led better’!!!) After all this time, still my favourite Weezer album.

Thursday, October 1st, 2009: WEEZER, a.k.a. “The Green Album”

Finding comfort in mainstreamness. The long hiatus delivers less than 30 minutes of “OK” songs including a couple of perfectly well done singles: ‘Hash Pipe’ and ‘Island in the sun’. My favourite tune of this one is the opening track: ‘Don’t let go’. Weezer are peddling very mild guitar solos that almost sound like single digit versions of the songs choruses.

After waiting for too long and paying almost $20 US dollars to get it, I was never really happy with the final product. Can’t really say much about it, except, great detail in production matters, but never as sentimental and honest as its predecessors. Songs like ‘Crab’ and ‘Knock Down Drag Out’ just sound so regular to me, but, as someone once said: “the weakest song composed by Rivers Cuomo might be the masterpiece that any of us (mortals) will ever achieve”

Come back next Thursday for part 2 of the essential guide to =W=eezer.

About the author: Homo Rodans believes that UFOs are messing with his sweet vacuum tube powered amp.

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