Miss Little Spark

Some say she’s been there for a whole century. Others say that she arrived to Mexico City with the first light bulb. Her name is Ámbar Electra Gómez Volta, but everyone knows her as “Miss Little Spark”, the owner of the electronics shop at number 110-B, República del Salvador, Mexico’s own electronics shantytown. Continue reading “Miss Little Spark”

The Receptionist

When you sleep, I stay vigil. When you eat, I sleep. I’m a sort of hospitality vampire, more on the “hosting” side than the “hospital” side, even if they seem to be similar). I’m a moving lantern, I’m a beacon in the storm, I’m an answering machine with a soul, I’m your own personal caretaker. I’m the voice you wake up to and the one that will smile at you when your weary body comes to my presence. Whether my smile is true or a hand me down, you’ll never notice.

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The Park after dark

The park, after dark

by Russell Palmer

  Russ had sat on the same bench for hours, chain-smoking his way through two packets of cigarettes. His lungs were seemingly taking the brunt of the awful day he’d had, and sat in a not-to-safe park in the darkness of 2 AM, it seemed his body could soon be taking some of that weight too.

   He knew that this was unsafe, but he couldn’t smoke at home and figured his day couldn’t get worse so he had let the darkness come. The most he could lose was some blood and his fags, and they were mostly gone now anyway.

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